The world of Wonders Cafe

Monday-Saturday 3pm-6pm est
(Mateus) Shirogane, Ward 16 , Plot 40
Aetheryte: Southern Shirogane Subdivision

About The World of Wonders Cafe

Here at the World of Wonders Cafe, we host a variety of drinks, from Teas to Wine, We have something to suit your taste. Want us to host a private party for you? Just contact Meijing Lightclaw (Mateus) for more info.

à la carte and Sets

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth?
Here at the World of Wonders Cafe, we have the highest quality of Cookies, cakes, and other pastries to bring out your inner child. You can order items à la carte ( Not in a set or meal) or in sets ( A combo).

à la carte

Our Drinks and Desserts are five hundred gil ( 500g) à la carte. Premium Drinks and Desserts are Three thousand gil (3,000g)à la carte. Here are all the Drinks and Desserts we serve. There will be more in the future.
-Hot Chocolate
-Espresso con panna
-Doman Tea
-Buckwheat Tea
-Ishguardian Tea
-Chamomile Tea
-Mulled Tea
-Mineral Water
-Ginger Cookie
-Acorn Cookie
-Blood Currant Tart
Premium Drinks
-Chilled Red Wine ( No dessert included)

Premium Desserts
-Cake tray ( No drink included)

World of Wonders Sets

If you want to have a combination of our drinks and Desserts, Purchasing one of our sets would be for you. Each set is One thousand gil (1,000g). Our Premium Sets are five thousand gil (5,000g)

-Hot chocolate set ( Hot chocolate w/ a desert of your choice)
-Tea set ( Choose a Tea and dessert of your choice.)
-Blood Currant Tart Set ( Blood Current tart w/ a drink of your choice.)

Premium Sets
-Cake tray set ( One Cake tray and ten drinks of your choice. Does not include Chilled Red Wine.)
-Chilled Red Wine Set ( One chilled Red Wine bottle and ten desserts of your choice. Does not Include Cake tray.)

About Our Owner

Meijing Lightclaw had a vision, To have a place where everyone could simply relax, chat and even make new friends no matter who or what they are. Thus, The World of Wonders Cafe was born. With hard work and help from her loved ones, she made a paradise for all.

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